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Bass ChartsBass charts for bass guitar and upright players! BassCharts.com is your place for accurate bass sheet music. Available in Finale and Adobe formats!

Almost free bass music!

Maybe the bass sheet music is for a last minute song request of a bride-to-be. Maybe you’re a bass teacher who needs a bass chart for a student. Maybe you’re a singer songwriter who needs the bass part re-created “precisely” as it is on recordings. Quite possibly you’re a busy bass player who just doesn’t have time to write your own charts.

Whatever your situation is I am here for your bass sheet music needs. I’ve been writing bass charts for over 25 years. All bass charts are available in easy to read .pdf (get Adobe Acrobat Reader) print format or Make Music’s Finale .mus (get Finale) format. Consider using BassCharts.com for your bass transcription needs!

All almost free bass music is for educational and home use only.

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See examples of a bass charts of “In The Stone” by Earth, Wind & Fire

In The Stone - Earth, Wind & Fire  In The Stone – Earth, Wind & Fire (PDF Format)

In The Stone - Earth, Wind & Fire  In The Stone – Earth, Wind & Fire (FINALE Format)

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Boston Bass

All charts transcribed by Candido
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